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Resus Tree: Who are we? 

Resus Tree is an independent training and development company established in 2015. The Resus Tree Team is headed by us, Jamie and Kelli Macpherson.  Following successful careers in the Armed Forces, we set our mission to provide credible and engaging training to the healthcare community.  We are passionate about what we do and the way we do it.  We pay attention to detail, consider what clients want from their learning experience and commit to standards of excellence.  We believe all people learn better when training is delivered in an engaging, professional and fun manner. 

With Jamie's expertise from the medical sector and Kelli's experience from the educational and training sector, we are certain when you choose to train with us you will see credibility in our standards and feel quality in your learning experience.   

Jamie Macpherson

BSc, PGCE (Medical Education)

HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioner

Jamie is a registered Healthcare professional and University Lecturer.  He has extensive clinical experience within the Trauma and resuscitation domains of critical care and peri-operative practice; both in military and civilian medical environments.

As a current Resuscitation Council UK Advanced Life Support and European Paediatric Advanced Life Support instructor, Jamie ensures the course content is delivered to a high standard and in accordance with current guidelines and legislation.

Kelli Macpherson 
MSc Education, PGCE (PCET), LLB (Hons), BSc. 

Kelli's passion for learning has supported a career in education and training as a civilian and in the Military; retiring at the rank of Major.

As a qualified teacher and assessor, Kelli has strong credibility in leadership, management and development of instructional and teaching practice in others. 

Kelli has mentored and coached individuals at both a foundation and executive level, has led teams of workplace assessors and improved education and training across a large organisation at the strategic level.  

Kelli ensures training content and delivery methods at Resus Tree are appropriately designed, effectively delivered, quality assured and continuously improved to facilitate engagement and learning. 

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